The blueprint for your brand growth in Latin America

New video: Learnings from the Consumer Insights Latam series. Despite the harsh economic scenario, there are opportunities for FMCG.
29 July 2021
Cecilia Alva

Client & New Business Director, Worldpanel Division, Latam

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Our latest video looking at Consumer Insights in Latam focuses on the major macroeconomic trends, and how they impact purchasing habits in the region. We see that consumers were facing smaller budgets and new consumption needs in the first quarter of the year, and it seems the crisis will extend through 2021 and 2022 in Latin America.

However, 37% of all brands have managed to increase volume in both the short and long term, proving there are growth opportunities for FMCG. They have managed to do so by activating the pockets of growth in the region.

What are those pockets of growth? Discover six proven key opportunities to outsmart competitors by watching the short video.

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