How consumption at home is changing

The report reveals the latest findings about how at-home food and drink consumption is changing across the world.
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maria martinez
Maria Josep

Expert Solutions Director, Worldpanel Division, Spain

Our new publication Eat, Drink & Be Healthy – How at-home consumption is changing reveals the latest findings about how at-home food and drink consumption is changing across the world. For instance, we’ve seen how healthy snacking is on the up with fruit leading the share of stomach, and how menus are getting simpler because consumers prefer lighter meals, with cleaner cooking methods and less animal protein ingredients.

If buying a product is the ‘moment of truth’, consumption is the moment of validation—and it is vital to drive satisfaction and repeat purchasing. Health and wellbeing are at the centre of global eating and drinking habits but, while breakfast remains the most important at-home moment with routine and health leading the way, consumers are more indulgent at night. This health-consciousness has created a cross-countries wider fragmentation of the beverages market where we see how plant-based and fermented drinks, along with homemade smoothies and juices are winning share over branded goods.

Winning share of stomach

Eat, Drink & Be Healthy report explores how much consumption trends and habits have changed across the globe to provide brands and retailers wanting to win share of stomach throughout the different occasions with a series of important points to have in mind:

  • The global picture. Overall stable economy is transferring at-home consumption to out-of-home, especially in Spain, France and the UK.
  • The healthy snacking boom. Intake throughout the day has increased and shifted to being healthier.
  • Breakfast routines remain. Habits differ cross-countries but routines for breakfast are set: cereals in the UK, soft drinks in Mexico, meals with oil, eggs and spices in China Mainland and coffee in Spain.
  • The simplification of menus. Less room for dessert occasions and vast potential for ready-to-eat solutions globally.
  • Rapidly changing drinks choices. With health-consciousness in mind, hydration, homemade, plant-based and probiotics are fragmenting the beverages category.