The new category management of data, knowledge and experience

See our presentation to learn how to navigate the COVID-19 disruptors in the retail landscape, and how to build a winning TPM strategy.
10 May 2020
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We are collectively in a place we had no expectation of, or planning for, at the end of 2019: with COVID-19 economic shocks, and retail and shopper displacement. This new reality requires a new structure, one that can be fitted to category management and trade optimization.

But first, we have to better understand the unusual times we live in and how we can bring value back into the business. To do so, we must look harder at the data that is available, pay attention to how it ages, and re-assess the assumptions that went into the data prior to COVID-19 – as now they no longer apply.

To drill down on the extent of the impact, it’s important to focus on the global, national, and regional levels, particularly around the housing market, government policies, and whether or not our children will be returning physically to school. These factors are driving shopper behavior and necessity – which controls changes in category trends. If there is a shift, it changes the entire dynamic and how we should move forward. Overall, we need to reassess how to define and use our data to get clear around scenario planning within the known frameworks.

In addition to scenario planning around COVID-19, our presentation features Richard Hilton, who takes us through Nestle’s digital transformation journey, and explains how to build a TPM strategy focused on the consumer, which creates the base for a successful implementation and continued growth.

To learn more from Dave Marcotte and Richard Hilton, complete the form below and get the “The New Category Management of Data, Knowledge and Experience” presentation.

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