Sports and the coronavirus

Five questions for navigating uncertainty.
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Ryan Mccconell

Senior Vice President and Head of North America Subscription Services, US

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In the matter of one week, what was once unthinkable—the cancellation or postponement of every major sporting event in the country—has become a reality due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As the sports world grapples with this crisis, it finds itself confronting an uncertain future with far more questions than answers.

While this is a fluid situation with a wide range of possible outcomes, the Kantar Sports MONITOR team has developed five questions we believe will be critical for all brands involved in sports to consider as they navigate both today and tomorrow.

  1. Are you putting the public first?
  2. How are you filling the sports void?
  3. How can you address sports fans’ need for social connection in a time of social distancing?
  4. What role can sports play as Americans hunker-down at home?
  5. How will you engage with sports fans in a post-coronavirus world?

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