Future Proof Podcast: How can brands survive COVID-19?

It might be tempting to reduce investments in brand building, but now is not the time. Nigel Hollis and Martin Guerrieria share their insights around what makes a brand resilient, and why it matters.
06 April 2020
resilient brands
Jane Bloomfield

Chief Growth Officer, UK

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Data from years of Kantar and BrandZ research indicates clearly that the best way to survive an economic downturn (and to bounce back more quickly when it's over) is to have a strong brand. But what does that mean? How can you achieve it? Does purpose play a part? And what can brands do right now to ensure that they remain salient and meaningfully different? Chief Global Analyst Nigel Hollis and Head of Research for BrandZ Martin Guerrieria tell Jane and Felipe what matters most at a time like this... and it certainly isn't cutting prices.

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