How people are adapting to life under lockdown

As markets across the world settle into life under lockdown, this report builds on our previous analysis of social media to uncover the behaviours that are becoming habitual.
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Izzy Pugh

Partner, Global Lead, Human & Cultural Practice, Consulting Division

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Life under lockdown is changing what we do, how we feel and the role of brands in our lives.

This could be our new reality for a while, and brands need to understand the role their category is playing within this to be able to adapt appropriately.

We ran an initial social imaging exploration w/c 9 March, identifying 6 core themes from the images shared at the time. But as the situation has evolved, so too have people’s approaches. People are now settling into the idea that staying at home could last for a while – weeks if not months – and adapting their homes and routines for this new lifestyle.

The five evolved themes we discovered through our new wave of research and analysis are:

Solidarity and strength (30%)

We see people sharing selfies and memes with words of encouragement and solidarity, fostering a sense of togetherness as we weather the storm.

Bringing the outside in (18%)

As people face the idea of staying inside for a long period, the desire to feel connected with the outside world and imagine future possibilities is even stronger.

Lifestyles online (15%)

People are developing increasingly creative and resourceful ways to use digital channels as they look to bring a bit of texture to the work and social lives they have had to move online.

Positive habits (22.5%)

People are still focused on emotional wellness but are now cultivating new habits that help them feel good, prioritising self-care and all the things they can do to bring joy and calmness to their lives.

Learning and making (14.5%)

This space has grown and become more diverse - many see time at home as an opportunity to do more of the things they don’t always have time to do and to re-engage with creative pursuits and passions.

A rich understanding of human experiences and needs has never been as crucial to brands as it is today. To learn more about these themes, and the key takeaways for brands, download our report by filling in your details below.

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