China’s new normal reactivates out-of-home market

The out-of-home market recovery in China is one of the changes in actual purchase and consumption behavior we summarize in ten brief slides.
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Commercial Director, Worldpanel Division, Asia

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Besides key insights and updates on out-of-home purchasing and consumption, here’s a sneak peek of some of the findings we have included in this 10 slides’ Asia edition:

  • Korea: How did shoppers/consumers behave during the Swine Flu and MERs outbreaks, and how does it differ to the response to COVID-19?
  • Taiwan: With Taiwan being an ‘exemplary’ country in tackling COVID-19, how did FMCG fair?
  • The role of promotion for categories on the path to recovery in China. Be reminded on assessing the right depth, frequency, and lever!
  • Ecommerce versus bricks-and-mortar channels in lockdown – who is winning in the longer run in Indonesia?
  • Our Beauty panel in China: With personal care being one of the more severely impacted categories, how is it recovering post lockdown? 

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