Celebrating a year of setting a new standard for data quality

Reflecting on the progress we’ve made on data quality one year on from our acquisition of Qmee, the app-based survey platform and fraud prevention technology provider.
22 June 2023
data quality
Caroline Frankum

Global Chief Executive Officer, Profiles Division

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June marks the one-year anniversary of Kantar’s acquisition of Qmee, the app-based survey platform and fraud prevention technology provider. Qmee’s fun and easy-to-use app, 750,000-strong panel and best-in-class anti-fraud technology became part of Profiles Division’s portfolio in June 2022, on completion of the acquisition deal.

Since then, we have rolled out Qmee’s anti-fraud technology, Qubed, across LifePoints panel in more than 25 markets. Qubed uses advanced machine learning to recognize subtle behavioral signals from fraudulent users. It runs in real-time and processes over 300 features for each survey session, returning a verdict and suggested action within 100 milliseconds, and is currently scoring around half a million survey sessions a day. Kantar’s in-house development team is constantly working to enhance Qubed’s capabilities, adding functionality such as the ability to detect AI-generated survey responses – an industry first.

Over 69% of quality issues in surveys are now driven by fraudulent panelists, and most predominantly from large groups of out of country survey hackers who need to be removed in seconds to prevent damage to clients’ survey data. Embedding Qubed’s anti-fraud technology into our Lifepoints panel, which is exclusively available from Kantar Profiles, has prevented millions of dollars being lost to fraud, and blocks over 120,000 fraudulent survey responses per month.
Kantar has long been a global leader in panel quality and fraud detection and prevention, and the move to acquire Qmee was a doubling down on our commitment to delivering the most trusted, representative and meaningful data to our clients.

Rolling out Qmee’s innovative fraud detection capabilities across our LifePoints panel has set a new industry standard for data quality – giving our clients confidence that their strategies are based on real responses from real people. We’re incredibly proud of the work we’ve done in the past year and are delighted to be working with our new colleagues to raise the bar and to tackle some of our industry’s biggest challenges.
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