Webinar: Kantar’s Creative Effectiveness Awards 2023

Discover the most creative and effective digital, social, TV, print and outdoor ads as judged by consumers – and how to win with creative in a digital world.
16 March 2023
Wyn Jones

Global Knowledge Manager, Creative & Media

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The advertising world is restless, fast-moving and ever-evolving. This presents challenges for marketers and their agencies. So how can you be creative and effective on channels that continuously innovate?

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At Kantar, we share a passion for great advertising with our clients and their agencies, so we look forward to celebrating the very best digital, social, print, outdoor and TV advertising in our fourth Creative Effectiveness Awards 2023. What makes our awards unique is that consumers are the judges.

Last year we tested over 13,000 ads with our validated Link ad testing solution. Our winning ads in each channel are the ones that people find the most creative and effective, and that excel on sales in the short term and building future demand for the brand.

Join Kantar creative experts on Tuesday, April 18 to discover the winning ads and learn from 2022’s most creative and effective advertising. They will share what makes the winning ads successful and the big emerging trends in creativity. 

Discover how to win in a digital world.

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