Hack to the Future

Understanding viewers’ attitudes and preferences to overcome ad avoidance
08 August 2023
Hack to the future
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Viewers are facing an epidemic of increased ad exposure resulting in wider ad fatigue and apathy, as well as an increase of ad avoidance and use of ad blockers.

Kantar's Media Reactions study shows that audience preference is now the most important factor driving media budget decisions. The results also indicate that TV product placements perform extremely well, ranking higher than other traditional linear touchpoints on key attitudinal metrics, supporting the growing adoption of in-content advertising as an antidote to ad fatigue, avoidance and media inefficiency.  

Kantar worked with Mirriad, the leader in virtual product placement and in-content advertising, on research to better understand U.S. viewers’ attitudes and behaviors alongside traditional TV and online video advertising, and how these in turn may impact advertising effectiveness. This new study exclusively explores the relationship between advertising perceptions, viewer behavior and campaign success.

The findings are remarkable, clearly establishing the connection between consumer sentiment towards advertising, their inclination to avoid it and the impact on brand purchase and endorsement decisions. Kantar found that with in-content advertising, brands have a powerful tool at their disposal to amplify their existing media campaigns which maximizes meaningful, positive audience experiences, and ultimately elevate brand endorsement levels higher than traditional multi-media campaigns can deliver.

Download the report to explore our findings and learn more.

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