Future-proofing media measurement to create clearer insight signals

Why preferred partnerships and accredited data matter in the cookieless era.
13 May 2024
TikTok partnership
Nicole Jones

Chief Media Commercial Lead, North America

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The media multiverse continues to expand, from new platforms to the erosion of cookies. At the same time, consumers are demanding more of brands, examining their campaigns with a closer eye, and calling out when something doesn’t resonate.

With increased pressure, media fragmentation and the ever-heightening battle for attention, research insights are critical tools in a marketer’s arsenal. However, many marketers feel there is not enough clarity in measurement. Kantar’s Media Navigator report reveals 67% of marketers think it’s tough to assess their digital campaign effectiveness, given blind spots in available measurement and 82% of advertisers want to take more control over their media spend (48% strongly agree).

To be able to drive higher ROI from media spend and operate with confidence, marketers need stronger, rigorous measurement signals, clearer understanding of what is driving impact, and confidence in the quality of data they are basing future spend on.

One way to ensure higher confidence in insights is through prioritizing measurement partners who have achieved badged status through rigorous vetting and meeting high standards of criteria.

TikTok’s Marketing Partners Program is one such program, which endorses experts in measurement on its platform with the aim of helping brands better understand the impact of advertising on the platform.

In a recent announcement, Kantar's LIFT was verified by TikTok as providing the highest standards of measurement excellence and serving as an independent source of truth of TikTok's ability to drive marketing outcomes. As a badged partner for Brand Lift measurement, Kantar Lift enables TikTok advertisers to quantify ad impact on brand lift metrics such as Ad Recall, Awareness, Attitude, and Favorability.

"Partnering with our Cross-Channel and Lift measurement experts provides better visibility into consumer behavior beyond last click. Working with our partners reveals the true impact of TikTok marketing campaigns, while also providing strategic insight that can be leveraged to drive meaningful growth for businesses", said Melissa Yang, Global Head of Marketing Partnerships and Industry Education, TikTok, when announcing the partners in the TikTok program.

With an overwhelming user base and unpredictable trends, TikTok’s program endorses experts in attribution and Lift measurement to helping brands better understand the impact of their advertising.

From brand strategy to sales performance, Kantar blends a unique combination of expertise, advanced analytics, products and platforms, creating the most meaningful understanding of how people think and act. Kantar’s rigorous data shapes brand futures with confidence, clarity, and client-centricity.

For more on how Kantar is powering the future of brand growth through media, click here

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