Online Assortment Optimization for portfolio growth with Amazon

We helped a CPG manufacturer see a 10% sales uplift with this key partner, through portfolio prioritization.


A CPG manufacturer in the household essentials category wanted to drive growth and maximize sales with key online retailer Amazon. They asked us to help them shape an online assortment and portfolio prioritization strategy to deliver double-digit growth.


Through the eAssortment tool we were able to segment the client’s entire portfolio into tiers of prioritization. The simplified segmentation structure allowed the client to clearly map products based on action-oriented classifications that helped the team determine whether to: prioritize, deprioritize, manage, or optimize.


We knew that focusing resources and prioritization on a shorter list of high-growth potential products would lead to an increase in sales at Amazon, so we provided our client with a shortlist and a strategy for promotion.


We helped identify a 10% sales uplift. We also helped the client reduce portfolio redundancies: the proposed growth strategy focused on prioritization of 13 high-growth potential products out of a total product count of 120. Our CPG client was able to reduce their total product list and maximize for efficiency.

Learn more about online assortment and portfolio optimization here.

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