Determining the growth potential for new products online

Online assortment
With our eAssort platform, our client could determine the growth potential of key category segments in order to launch and optimize products.


A household essentials CPG manufacturer wanted to identify important segments online to better inform their product launch calendar and R&D processes.


Through the eAssort platform, the client was able to determine the growth potential of each category segment within the category, as well as their own portfolio.

The gaps across category and portfolio allowed us to pinpoint growth opportunities and make specific NPD recommendations.


By identifying priority segments the client could build an informed launch plan for online channels, with a high probability of success. In addition, they could use the same analysis to re-prioritize optimization of the current portfolio, instead of spending time and resource on NPD, where it proved beneficial.


We helped the client identify priority segments and new product introductions, including one immediate product-type to launch first.

We also helped them recognize when to optimize a segment versus introduce NPD, which helps them deliver growth with fewer resources and development time.

Learn more about online assortment and portfolio optimization here.

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