Building loyalty beyond rewards for IKEA

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We gave IKEA insights about the attitudes of various segments, helping them attract the most loyal customers to new stores and choose new U.S. sites.


IKEA needed to understand key attitudes driving consumer loyalty among their best customers and ensure they could stay relevant as they opened new store sites across the U.S.


Kantar used attitudinal segmentation to understand the attitudes and motivations of loyalty program customers, and identify IKEA’s core MindBase segments driving the most value. Kantar also delivered a MindBase distribution across IKEA’s top 300 metro markets to inform their store site selection.


When assessing a new store site location pre-launch, Kantar discovered a new MindBase segment (not a core target of IKEA) residing in the area, whose loyalty profile was unique from the other segments. Kantar worked with IKEA to maximize offer relevance to draw in the new customer segment without alienating the core.


These insights resulted in a redesign of the new store launch events, incorporating a stronger “Purpose” message and unique “Rewards” promotions to drive both core and new target segments to the new store opening.

The successful launch of the new store was directly attributed to creating a more relevant connection with IKEA customers, both new and old. MindBase has now been used not only for creating segment-specific store launch campaigns, but also to prioritize new store locations across the United States and optimize IKEA’s growth strategy in the U.S.

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