Empowering brands in 20+ markets to connect with their data

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A global consumer business needed a fresh approach to improve the quality of its digital marketing data and to democratize its use across the business.
Digital Lead, Marketing – International FMCG company

“The … dashboard was intuitive, and whilst giving great depth of insight, also allowed for at-a-glance, simplistic view of the main KPIs. Even non-technical/marketing/ senior personnel could easily access the information and interpret what was happening with the campaign.”


Many businesses find themselves in a situation where paid digital campaign data is owned and primarily analysed by third parties. Our client, a global FMCG business, wished to regain control and ownership of data, and ensure its key brands were given access too. The client wanted their team to see data in real time, which would allow them to make optimisations, and track performance.


Mavens, a Kantar company, gathered all of the data feeds into one place using a best in class SAAS tool, so information could be syndicated and surfaced to whoever needed it.


Within four months of launch, the dashboard has been enabled in over 20 markets, across 400+ campaigns, empowering brands all over the world to connect with their data.


Before the project, all optimisation and decision making had been kept out of the hands of in-house analysts. Mavens worked with end-users to understand the most important metrics, and most useful data visualisation needed for in-flight decision making. A globally relevant dashboard was created, with data mapped to specific brands, markets, and campaigns. Brands are now able to access data for their campaigns in flight, and make decisions, leading to savings from the marketing budget.

Some brands have been able to save as much as £100k through a better understanding of their campaign performance.

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