Co-creating breakthrough ideas​ with a snacking brand

Roasting marshmallows over an open fire
Kantar helped grow a cookie brand in the US by co-creating ideas through creativity-enhancing techniques.


A leading brand in the cookie and on-the-go snack foods sector wanted to grow its business in the US. The company sought to do this by creating indulgent cookies that would celebrate those ‘little wins’ or ‘special moments’ for consumers throughout their day.


To provide our client with a fresh perspective on their innovation challenges, we introduced them to SuperGroup.

By bringing client teams together with creative consumers and category experts, this co-creation process generates powerful ideas and exciting concepts that are grounded in real consumer insights and category context.


We used a range of creativity-enhancing techniques during a high-intensity two-day workshop. This resulted in 162 ideas and 33 concept blueprints – 16 of which were developed into test-ready concepts. No less than 68% of our SuperGroup concepts met or exceeded our client’s target norms – versus 45% of concepts developed otherwise by our client, or by the competition. 


Our client used our output to drive innovation opportunities and fill their product pipeline. Our partnership continued throughout the product development stages and in-home product testing. A delicious new cookie was successfully launched on to the US market.

Two years after launch, this cookie continues to delight consumers and to generate growth for our client, who has since introduced new flavour extensions.

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