Sustainability Opportunities for FMCG Brands

Explore the sustainable attitudes and behaviors of more than 85,000 buyers in 23 countries and see what shoppers are actually buying.

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What makes this solution unique is our ability to compare shoppers’ survey answers with our panelists’ real purchase behavior to truly understand changes to their shopping baskets and their relationship with FMCG brands. By understanding the ‘value-action gap’ between those who say they care, and those that actually do something about it, we can unlock the opportunities of environmental concern – and help brands play an important role in shaping our future planet. What is the relationship between your brand and key sustainable issues like climate change, water shortage, and plastic waste?

Key features

Behavioral survey with country scale

Identify those who truly care about sustainability with our long-term global survey. Identify local issues and wider trends.

What sustainable shoppers buy

Link sustainable beliefs to sustainable purchases. Discover what products eco-shoppers purchase, and where and how they shop.

Tracking brand performance with sustainable shoppers

See how your brand performs with eco-shoppers: your sales, brand penetration, and who wins with your non-buyers.

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Who Cares? Who Does?

Get data on real purchasing behaviour to learn how the different Eco Segmentations behave, as well as their concerns, triggers, and barriers.
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