Understand customers better, in order to find opportunities for growth and effectively target the most valuable segments.

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Segmentation transforms the multitude of complex individuals who form your consumer base into a small number of simple groups, to facilitate more effective marketing.

To help you target the most valuable segments, we group consumers based on what they buy, use, think and feel. Get access to rich audiences, and enhance existing targeting approaches with data overlays, with our segmentation expertise.

Key features

Based on real customers, and real behavior

Get a holistic view of your targets enriched with additional attitudes, needs and media exposure.

More targeted marketing

Identify the most profitable shopper segments and target them on the right occasions, with the right offer.

Opportunity identification 

Quantifying and prioritize your opportunities, from new addressable audiences to product innovation.

More information

We understand key opportunity segments and addressable audiences, such as priority needs, pain-points, drivers of decision-making, and barriers to and facilitators of switching. We also provide attitudinal and behavioral data around consumer lifestyles and purchasing, and we apply audience profiling and segmentation to better address and reach the right audiences through our syndicated studies. Additionally, we identify opportunities for new products and innovation of existing products.

Our sector experts curate solutions that meet your specific needs; FMCG, financial services, automotive, fashion and beyond.

We understand the evolution of segments. Build a segmentation strategy relevant to current segments, that can grow to adapt to future segments. We can create ad hoc audiences and use these in private marketplace or niche targeting.

We develop creative and engaging socialization materials that can help bring your segments ‘to life’ within your business. We can also directly integrate with first-party data, or enable access to Kantar Audiences segments via various advertising and marketing technology platforms.

Qualitative and psychographic exploration provides a valuable steer to inform the make-up of your segments, exploring which elements most differentiate your consumer base and drive their behavior – attitudes, values, motivations, life stage and more.

Post-segmentation qualitative deep dives bring a richness of insight and understanding around your target groups and help you develop activation strategies. With ethnography and online communities, we bring your segments to life and show you what resonates with them.

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