TGI Consumer Analysis

TGI Consumer Analysis is a suite of easy-to-use data analysis tools for accessing connected consumer intelligence.

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Our TGI Consumer Analysis tools help you manipulate the vast volumes of data speedily and easily, and make the TGI Consumer Data available anywhere and anytime.

They become more sophisticated with the user need: whether that's profiling audiences, planning and buying media, or segmenting customers.

Key features

Fast, flexible consumer analysis tools

The tools are available online, providing access to our TGI Consumer Data services anywhere, at any time.

Designed for different needs

The tools cater for all types of user. Data is accessible, with user-friendly interfaces and clear data visualization.

Integrate with other datasets

We can also assimilate other datasets into these tools, or integrate our data into third-party environments.

A web-based tool accessible anywhere on computer or iPads. It is particularly well suited to delivering quick audience profiling insights with data visualization features.

Available as desktop software or as a web-based tool, so it can be accessed anywhere. Its powerful engine supports basic crosstabs through to more complex statistical analysis.

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