Advertising Insights
Unlock actionable insights in real time and get strategic information on advertising performance faster, to stay ahead of your competition.

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Advertising Insights puts the control in your hands, with fast and easy access to actionable insights on your competition’s advertising strategies, and the key trends driving changes in your market.

Advertising Insights lets you make informed decisions, inspires growth, and helps you expand market share.

Key features

Understanding competitive multimedia strategies

Quickly access spend and media mix trends, analyze competitor’s brand investment, and evaluate creative messaging.

Detailed analysis of campaign performance

Understand your advertising campaigns’ performance to optimize your investment planning across all media.

How to win against the competition

Access automated key narrative insights and competitor performance benchmarking, to identify business opportunities.

More information

Dynamic visual dashboards help Account Managers, Media Buyers and Planners to:

  • Benchmark brand multimedia investments on top KPIs: trends, split by media & properties
  • Gain quick insights on Advertisers’ media performance: filtering options (products, period, media) with a wide range of metrics available (impressions, spend, Share of Voice, creative)
  • View information easily across your brand’s portfolio, by setting up multiple profiles
  • Save information, export graphs & tabs, and create reports in one click.

Custom Reports help Insights and Research teams to run deep-dive multimedia and specific media analysis.

  • Understand brands’ investment strategies in detail
  • Access to media schedules
  • Compare your campaigns with specific competitive sets
  • Focus on campaign detail through a wide range of metrics (impressions, spend, Share of Voice, creative)

Get personalized ready-to-use analysis on your brands and the competitive landscape, to spot trends and adapt your activities.

  • Quickly evaluate and inform decisions about your brand’s competitive position
  • Access automated data stories, generated from your personalized inputs and artificial intelligence technologies, to go beyond the “What” and understand the “How”
  • Get visual and interactive insights about a wide range of metrics: emerging threats, new products, budget, Share of Voice, media mix, seasonality, messaging, new creative.
  • Personalize, review, publish, and share insights quickly and easily
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