Kantar Introduces Global Connected Data Solutions Team

15 December 2022

Kantar, the world’s leading marketing data and analytics company, announced the launch of its Global Connected Data Solutions Team within its Profiles division. Directed by Jason Dodge, as the team managing director, these experts will be dedicated to helping advertisers maximize the value of their existing client (first-party) data by weaving in additional insights from Kantar’s Profiles Audience Network of 160M+ panelists and other  key data platforms, including StatSocial, Dstillery and InfoSum, to deliver quality, highly-permissioned first-party data for audience segmentation and media activation. This enables brands to develop more informed audience segmentation and media activation plans, and installed base marketing strategies. 

“Our mission is to become the indispensable brand partner for companies worldwide. A critical step to fulfilling that promise is to ensure we go above and beyond to help our clients maximize the value of the data they already have. So, besides our robust audience network and advanced antifraud technology, it made sense to create a team of experts focused on making it easier to connect data assets,” said Caroline Frankum, Global Chief Executive Officer, Kantar’s Profiles division.

Kantar’s standards for creating and enriching unrivaled data sets are well-known in the industry – making the company the partner of choice for brands – from insights and modelling to strategy, activation, and measurement. Kantar’s meaningful data is a result of proprietary tools and techniques for best-in-class, quality survey responses and the integration of Qmee’s advanced machine learning antifraud technology.