Kantar integrates with LinkedIn to revolutionize CTV B2B ad measurement

08 May 2024
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Advertisers leveraging LinkedIn’s new CTV Ad offering can now benefit from deep brand lift metrics through Kantar

May 8, 2024, New York, NY – Kantar is bringing brand lift measurement studies to LinkedIn CTV Ads, a new offering building on the success of In-stream Video Ads, which are helping customers nearly triple their in-stream video completion rate, and designed to help marketers get their creative in front of the LinkedIn audience against high-quality, streaming television content on connected sets.

Now, marketers leveraging LinkedIn CTV Ads can benefit from brand lift measurement through Kantar and get insights into how their campaign leads to a lift in brand awareness, affinity, or resonance among target B2B audiences.

LinkedIn finds that 94% of marketers state they find it challenging to measure the success of CTV marketing campaigns. This new CTV Brand Lift test allows marketers to measure success and make strategic decisions about future CTV campaigns.

“Marketers are increasing their investment in CTV yet they still struggle to understand exactly how to get that ROI they are looking for across campaigns,” says Nicole Jones, Chief Media Commercial Lead at Kantar, “That’s why we’re so excited to team up with LinkedIn to offer objectionable brand lift studies that provide B2B marketers with deep, actionable insights about campaign performance.”

LinkedIn CTV already reaches 105 million connected devices per month in the US and Canada and 60 million households. Kantar's integration with LinkedIn ensures that marketers leveraging LinkedIn CTV get deep, actionable insights you can trust and understand how their campaign leads to a lift in brand awareness, affinity, or resonance among target B2B audiences.

To learn more about this integration with LinkedIn and how to get the most out of your campaign on LinkedIn CTV, reach out to us here.

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