93% of consumers would use augmented reality during travel, according to new Kantar and Snapchat travel report

55% of consumers have reported using AR at least one point in their travel journey
09 November 2023
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NEW YORK (November 9, 2023) - Kantar, the world’s leading marketing data and analytics company, today announced the results of a new travel report with Snapchat, focusing on the importance of augmented reality (AR). The research was conducted to understand the travel behaviors of Snapchatters compared to users of other platforms and the value of AR, and designed to inform travel advertisers on the value of the Snapchat audience.

Based on an innovative quantitative methodology exploring how Snapchatters think about travel, the report looks into why AR is important for travel, how AR is used by Snapchatters during their travels, and how Snapchatters engage with AR. The collaborative research study, featuring insights on how Snapchatters  make travel decisions, when they are likely to book, how they engage with others, and more, provides advertisers with an understanding of how to best connect with users on the platform. Overall, the study found that consumers are inclined to engage with AR during their travel journey. As such, 55% of consumers have used AR during at least one point of their travel journey in the past, and 93% of consumers would use AR during at least one point of their travel journey in the future.

“Augmented reality is set to become a much bigger focus over the next few years, as more platforms, like Snapchat, continue to embrace the tools. Our research found 77% of participants would use AR for finding inspiration, and 70% would use AR for planning,” said Jed Meyer at Kantar. “AR has the ability to change the game, in many ways, as usage behaviors evolve. For brands and marketers, there’s immense opportunities and potential to connect with users where they are, with the digital tools they’re already using.”  

Additional key insights in the report

Why use AR for travel on Snapchat?

  • Snapchatters make decisions (81% are travel decision makers) and are more likely to have traveled in the past/inclined to travel in the future than non-Snapchatters
  • Snapchatters use AR across their entire travel journey and are ~2X more likely than non-Snapchatters to have used AR across all stages

How do Snapchatters engage with AR?

  • Among Snapchatters, Snapchat AR Lenses that utilize a selfie view are more widely used than those which focus on a world view
  • AR ads in combination with video ads are more likely to drive Snapchatters to be at least somewhat likely to take action
    • 78% of consumers are at least somewhat likely to take action after viewing a combination of both AR and standard video ads

How are Snapchatters influenced by their peers?

  • Snapchatters are more likely to be travel gurus for their friends and family, with Snapchatters being 2.2X more likely to claim that people often come to them for travel advice
  • Snapchatters are highly influenced by real people they know, with ~6 in 10 Snapchatters deciding where to go after a friend told them about it

“Snapchat drives consumers to take action after engaging with AR, no matter where they are in the journey,” said Kelly Covato, US Head of Travel at Snap. “Through the research, we’ve found that Snapchatters use AR across their entire travel journey and Snapchat drives them to take action no matter where they are in the journey, from becoming inspired for researching to considering and booking. At Snap, we believe in the power of AR and have invested in tools and research to better help brands and advertisers utilize this technology to better connect with their target audiences.”

To learn more, visit: Uncovering the Value of Augmented Reality in Travel



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