54% of Snapchatters are in the market for a car in 2024, according to new Kantar and Snapchat automotive report

Snapchatters are 1.5x more likely to be actively searching for a car than non-Snapchatters, with 92% likely to take action
18 December 2023
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NEW YORK (December 18, 2023) - Kantar, the world’s leading marketing data and analytics company, today announced the results of its Snapchat Automotive Report, fielded to understand the role Snapchat plays in connecting advertisers to Snapchatters looking to purchase cars (“Snap Auto Intenders”), and how it enables auto brands to engage their target audience during the consumer journey, with the help of augmented reality (AR). 

The study found lucrative advertising opportunities for brands within the automotive sector. 79% of Snap Auto Intenders have used AR in the past, and 92% would use AR in the future. Furthermore, 71% would use AR to discover new brands, and 68% would use it to browse available models and features.“Snap came to us with the specific request to better understand AR for auto,” said Meagan Hettrick, Senior Director, Media Delivery at Kantar. “Our research found that 53% of all Snapchatters and 64% of Snap Auto Intenders are motivated to visit a physical dealership following AR engagement with auto brands on Snapchat. This further highlights AR’s ability to create significant and unique opportunities to connect with audiences on existing platforms in new ways and ultimately help drive intended consumer behaviors.”

“The opportunities identified on Snapchat for auto brands are endless,” said Joseph Tuckman, Senior Manager, Auto Sales at Snap. “Snapchat reaches at least 1.1x more in-market Auto Intenders than other platforms, with more than half of Snapchatters looking to buy or lease within the next year. This report also added the AR element to this particular consumer journey to show how it uniquely enhances engagement and drives consumer behavior in a more targeted way.”

Additional key insights include: 

  • Snapchat drives Snapchatters to take action 
    • 92% of Snap Auto Intenders are at least somewhat likely to take any action (includes planning, researching, purchasing, sharing) after viewing auto content on Snapchat.
    • 65% of Snap Auto Intenders claim they would likely book a test drive following exposure to auto content on Snapchat.
  • Snap Auto Intender car preferences 
    • Snap Auto Intenders are willing to spend more on vehicles and showcase more substantial interest across vehicle types. They are particularly interested in SUVs, sedans, and luxury vehicles, with a higher preference for vehicles with alternative fuel types (EV, PHEV, HEV).
  • Snapchatters and the auto-buying journey
    • Snapchat can play a pivotal role in the auto-planning process from initial discovery all the way to purchase.
    • 63% or more of Snap Auto Intenders are likely to either discover, research, consider or purchase an auto brand following exposure to auto content on Snapchat.

To learn more, visit Why Auto Brands Should Accelerate Their Presence on Snapchat | Snapchat for Business.


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