America is moving through one of the most difficult periods in its history. Besides battling the COVID-19 pandemic, which has afflicted the entire world, Americans are responding to a divisive presidential election and the resurgent drive to build a more just society.

In this series of BrandZ™ Insights reports, we explore changing American consumer behaviour, and how strong equity has helped brands navigate market volatility, in five critical sectors: Banks, Business Solutions & Technology, FMCG, Media & Entertainment, and Retail.

Take a closer look at the cross-sector trends that are reshaping the US brand landscape, such as the changing nature of loyalty and trust. Read insights from Kantar experts about two key imperatives for brand growth: diversity and inclusion, and sustainability.

Find action points to build, sustain valuable brands now, and for the future, and how businesses must prepare for growth and for predictable surprises.

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Instagram climbs 22 places as 2020’s fastest riser, while Amazon’s great consumer experience delivers it to the top spot in the 2020 BrandZ Top 100 US Brands ranking.

Explore the full report to discover which brands made the 2020 ranking, what US consumers really think of the most valuable brands, and the opportunities for US brands to grow their value in the world’s most competitive market.

Download the BrandZ Most Valuable US Brands 2020 report

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As consumers engage with brands in more and more places, customer experience is now just as important as perceptions of innovation for growing your brand. Those brands delivering on and exceeding consumer’s expectations have grown their brand value 200% more than those that haven’t.

New number 1 Apple increased its brand value by 13% in the last year to $316.1 billion. Its continued innovation across an entire ecosystem of services wrap around its key devices, ensuring that Apple increasingly owns and transforms the user experience in a way that is meaningful to consumers.

Take a look at the report to discover what consumers really think about the US’s most valuable brands, which brands are powering their way up the ranking, and how to build a strong brand that stands the test of time.

Download the BrandZ Most Valuable US Brands 2019 report

Download the BrandZ Most Valuable US Brands 2019 infographic

Kantar and WPP have announced the first BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable US Brands ranking and report. This annual report will track and anticipate the evolving landscape for US brands, and chart their fortunes.

The total brand value of the US Top 100 brands is $3.16 trillion. With many of the most powerful brands in the world hailing from this dynamic and constantly evolving market, and as home to some of the world’s most sophisticated and demanding consumers, the US is a beacon for brands around the globe to discover the direction businesses are moving.

The ranking highlights that while America might be in the midst of a volatile political environment, US brands are focused on purpose, innovation and customer experience – and are as strong as ever.

Read the report to find out more about the US market; how the most successful brands are performing along with new strategies for building healthy brands that will stand the test of time.

Download the BrandZ Most Valuable US Brands 2018 report

Download the BrandZ Most Valuable US Brands 2018 infographic

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