Top Dutch brands have this year outgrown the general economy – proving once again, that strong brands matter.

Over the past year, Dutch brands have had to contend with inflation, energy shortages and the war in Ukraine. And yet, the total value of the top 30 most valuable Dutch brands has increased by 10%, to reach almost $80 billion. 

Highlights from this latest report, which is based on the opinions of more than 52,000 people, about 930 unique brands across 69 categories reveal:

• is the most valuable Dutch brand, soaring in value by 40% to $16bn
• Heineken is in second place, with a brand value of $13.3bn, followed by ING at No.3
• Action (No.7; $3.2bn) is the highest-rising brand for the second year, up 41%
• The recently launched telecom player, Odido, enters the ranking at No.12
• 24 of the Dutch Top 30 brands have above-average Demand Power - the ‘want it’ factor - that predisposes consumers to choose a particular brand in the marketplace.   

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This infographic showcases some of the headlines from the new ranking: the Top 10 Dutch brands, growth in value by category, top 5 risers and newcomers. The most valuable brands in the world have built powerful connections allowing them to create shareholder value faster, resist market downturns, and recover sooner from recessions. Brands with powerful connections have three essential qualities: they are Meaningful, Different and Salient.

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See the full ranking of the top 30 most valuable Dutch brands! Retail is once again the most represented category in the ranking, with nine brands included. The Financial Services and Alcohol categories are also strongly represented, reflecting the Netherlands strong heritage in banking and beer. The Telecom Providers category got a boost from the surprise debut of a new local brand, Odido, though KPN remains the category’s largest player by brand value.


To be eligible for inclusion in this ranking, the brand must have been created in the market and be owned by an enterprise listed on a recognised stock exchange. For those owned by private companies, financial statements must be available in the public domain. Unicorn brands must have their most recent valuation publicly available. Watch the video to learn more about the methodology behind Kantar BrandZ brand valuation rankings, which is based on a three-step process, combining financial value and brand contribution to determine a brand’s value.  

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While the Netherlands is a relatively small country, the Dutch economy has long played an outsized role both in Europe and on the world stage. Its strengths lie in its strong institutions and political stability, well-trained workforce, excellent infrastructure, and geographical advantages that have long made it the gateway to European trade.

The top 30 most valuable Dutch brands are worth $72.7bn, with the overall brand value of the ranking increasing by 10% over the past two years. This is down to a combination of successful pricing strategies, overseas expansion, and creating value through meaningful difference. When brands achieve meaningful difference, they have connected with consumers and are seen as unique compared to other brands.

Highlights from the new brand valuation ranking and analysis, which is based on the opinions of more than 42,190 respondents about 930 brands across 69 categories, reveals:

  • Iconic beer brand, Heineken, is the most valuable Dutch brand, worth $13.7bn
  • Online travel services platform,, takes second place with a brand value of $11.4bn
  • Discount store chain Action (No.10; $2.3bn), is the highest-rising brand, up 75% since 2021
  • Alcohol is the largest category in the ranking, representing 22% of total brand value, and featuring three other beer brands: Amstel (No.12; $1.5bn), Hertog Jan (No.26; $284m) and Grolsch (No.27; $275m)
  • Retail is one of the highest-growing categories, with ten retailers in the Top 40, led by Spar (No.9; $2.3bn)

Our research consistently shows that to be successful, brands need to navigate the present without giving up on the long-term efforts that build value. Brands that pursue short-term measures to overcome present challenges, while staying on track with harder tasks that build sustainable, transparent, and meaningfully different brands over time can expect future returns.

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In the Netherlands, we have seen time and again that strong brands retain more of their value during tough economic times and recover more quickly when market conditions begin to improve. This was the case during the banking crisis of 2013 and shows every indication of holding true today.

Amidst unprecedented macro-economic challenges, Shell is the Netherlands’ number one most valuable brand for the third year. The value of the BrandZ Top 30 Most Valuable Dutch Brands 2021 remains concentrated at the top, with Royal Dutch Shell (no.1; $14.9 billion), Philips (no.2; $11.9 billion) and Heineken (no.3; $11.6 billion) comprising almost half of the total value.

Drugstores Kruidvat (no.27; $0.23 billion) and Etos (no.28; $0.21 billion) are new entries.

Douwe Egberts (no.19; $0.76 billion) recorded a year-on-year growth of 59% in brand value to make it the fastest riser.

Discover all the top performers, how brands can find growth against an evolving landscape, and the imperative for sustainability, corporate responsibility and trust, in our full report.

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Action climbs four places as 2020’s fastest riser, while CoolBlue’s outstanding customer experience and’s progressive initiatives welcome them into the 2020 BrandZ Dutch Top 30 ranking.

The key to any business’ success is how it is seen in the eye of its customer. BrandZ is the only brand valuation to consider both market sales and the opinion of the consumer. By analysing interviews with over 32,300 Dutch consumers BrandZ uncovers the trends driving brand growth in the Netherlands and identify high potential brands.

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In the inaugural BrandZ Top 30 Most Valuable Dutch Brands ranking and report we see how disruptive ‘new giants’ rub shoulders with iconic brands to create an environment where some of the most innovative brands in Europe have flourished.

Dutch brands are punching above their weight, with the total value of the Top 30 proportionally larger when compared to overall country GDP than the Top 30s from the UK, Germany or France.

While BrandZ global data shows that brands perceived as innovative grow seven times faster than other brands, in a mature and crowded market like the Netherlands, having a strong purpose can also help a brand stand out and increase the likelihood they will be invited into people’s lives and homes.

Take a look at the report to discover what consumers really think about the Netherlands’ most valuable brands, which brands have made it into the first BrandZ ranking, and how to build a strong brand that stands the test of time.

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Download the BrandZ Most Valuable Dutch Brands 2019 infographic

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