In this latest brand valuation ranking, the value of the top 50 French brands has increased by 30% since 2021, as the country’s top brands continue to win recognition worldwide for their devotion to quality. Taken together, France’s most valuable brands are now worth a combined $424 billion.

Highlights from 2023 analysis of leading French brands, which is based on the opinions of more than 84,500 respondents about 1,795 unique brands across 161 categories, include:

  • Luxury fashion house - Louis Vuitton - is the most valuable French brand with a brand value of $102bn, an increase of 72%, the highest in the ranking 
  • Luxury is the most valuable category, with Hermès, the second most valuable brand ($57.5bn; +48%), followed by Chanel (No.3; $57.1bn; +30%)
  • Personal Care is the second most valuable category, led by L'Oréal Paris (No.4; $36.5bn)
  • Six newcomers enter the ranking: FDJ, Canal+, Back Market, Guerlain, Air France and Martell
  • 85% of France Top 50’s brand value came from overseas activities and reputation, compared with 51% for Germany; 41% for Japan, and 10% for China.

The remarkable performance of France’s top brands is testament to the fact that long-term brand building drives powerful consumer connections and reliable business growth. To keep this momentum, many French brands are embarking on new paths to ‘regenerative’ sustainability by positively and proactively contributing to society. Find out more about the priorities of France’s biggest brand owners in the full report.  

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The first step toward a new growth strategy starts with understanding where your brand currently stands. Powerful brands generate profits by creating deeper and more meaningful connections with people. At Kantar, we measure these connections though our proven ‘Meaningful, Different, Salient’ framework. See a summary of the performance of France’s top brands, newcomers, highest risers and more in this infographic.

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Watch this countdown video to discover the top 50 most valuable French brands. Luxury is only part of the story of French brands’ success. Among brands that have increased their value by 20% or more since 2021, you’ll find banking and insurance brands like Credit Agricole, AXA, and Société Générale; personal care brands like Lancôme, La Roche-Posay, and L’Occitane; the beauty retailer Sephora; and the utilities giant Engie. 


To be eligible for inclusion in this brand ranking, brands must have originated in France or be owned by a French company, and their finances must be publicly available. In this video, we walk through the methodology behind our brand valuation rankings, a three-step process, which uses financial value and brand contribution to determine the brand’s value. Learn more about the methodology behind Kantar BrandZ brand valuation rankings.

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COVID-19 has proved an unpredictable force and has disrupted lives in unexpected ways. However, this year’s BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable French Brands have once again shown that having a strong brand is a good insurance policy against a world turned upside down.
Despite the challenging conditions faced by many businesses, the 2021 French brand ranking rose by 5%, adding $15 billion over the past 12 months, leading to a total brand value of $325 billion.

French luxury brands retained the top three positions, with Louis Vuitton maintaining its position as the most valuable French brand, growing by 11% to $59.4 billion. In second place, Chanel grew by 2% to $43.9 billion, and Hermès secured third position for another year with 13% growth, achieving a brand value of $38.9 billion.

Personal care brands dominated the fastest risers with La Roche-Posay (No.28, $2.02 billion) growing by an impressive 25% due to innovative product lines. Lancôme (No.6, $15.0 billion) and Clarins (No. 32, $1.6 billion) were the second and third fastest risers.

Yoplait is the highest new entry at no. 30 ($1.9 billion). The online marketplace Le Bon Coin is the first pure digital brand to join the Top 50 at no.38 ($1.1 billion). Monoprix made its way into the ranking for the first time.

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