Future Proof: What makes a winning advert?

With an advert for HSBC that won a Kantar Creative Effectiveness Award, Wunderman’s Mike Watson tells us how to give purpose impact.
31 August 2020
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daren poole

Senior Director, Creative Domain

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“With great purpose comes great scrutiny.” How do you bring brand purpose to life through advertising? And how do you do so in a way that is still creative, and effective for the brand in question? We speak to Mike Watson of Wunderman Thompson, the agency responsible for the fantastic localised advertising campaign for HSBC where stats around homelessness where put front and centre. As this was the top ad in our Creative Effectiveness Awards this year, we ask Mike: how did it come about? Where do you start when it comes to purpose-led advertising? And what are the secrets of building good campaigns that capture our attention, and move us to action?

Hosted by Kantar's Daren Poole.

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HSBC Advert

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