Future Proof: How has COVID-19 challenged media agencies?

MediaCom CEO Nick Lawson tells us how the global pandemic is altering the media landscape, and the challenges the industry is facing.
24 August 2020
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EVP Global Thought Leadership, Kantar

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When we last spoke to Nick Lawson in Cannes in 2019, the media world looked quite different. In this conversation, recorded in July after Nick’s appointment as Global CEO of MediaCom, he tells Kantar’s Jane Ostler the most common client questions that have been asked during the coronavirus outbreak, and how they are being answered. They discuss the media trends that have been or will be accelerated, the need for more dynamic creative messaging, and the renewed focus on proving marketing ROI. They also talk about how media channels have weathered the COVID-19 storm, changing media usage patterns, and how agency employees are coping with working from home.

With so much change in the last 20 years, notwithstanding the current economic crisis, what are the main challenges to marketers, and how can they work better with agencies to achieve increasingly complex goals? 

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