Measuring the impact of ad campaigns on purchase behaviour

How can advertisers and media agencies ensure they are really optimising their ad spend and reaching the right shoppers?
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Ad campaigns and purchase behaviour
Gwladys Hall

Head of Media, Worldpanel Division, UK

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In a world where the way we consume media is constantly changing, it’s more important than ever for advertisers and brands to get cut through and ensure they’re investing in the right campaigns on the right channels at the right time. Understanding how channels interact with each other and influence different shoppers is key to success. After all, who has budget to waste on ads which are missing the mark?

The who

Successful advertising relies on asking the right questions. The first is who to target. Of course, reaching the right audience is fundamental – even the best campaigns will fall on deaf ears if those ears belong to the wrong person. But who to target – and how – isn’t always clear. For most brands, the strategic goal of a campaign will be based on recruiting new buyers. To do this, it’s imperative to understand who buys what, when and why. Even where a campaign carries other objectives, how an ad affects shoppers’ decisions is the crucial question.

Consumer Media Measure (CMM), Kantar’s proprietary analysis, helps FMCG advertisers understand how media work, both together and separately, by analysing their impact on real purchase behaviours during and after campaigns. In turn this can inform the planning for future programmes so that brands learn from previous investment to keep improving sales.

The where

When deciding which channels to prioritise, the short answer is, as ever, it depends. Based on who the target is, and how we want them to buy, the best way of dividing spend across different platforms will vary. This is where the CMM comes in again. By analysing shoppers – and their spend – both before and after a campaign, the measure helps FMCG advertisers to understand how different forms of media really work and interact and the influence they have on actual purchases.

Magnifying media: how brands can thrive in new era of digital advertising, published today, uncovers how brands can measure how much advertising campaigns influence shopper purchases and attract additional buyers.

Read the report by clicking below, and join the webinar at 2pm on Thursday 10 September, when our experts will take you through the key findings of the report. You can watch the webinar on demand at any time afterwards.

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