Representative Audience Panels

High-quality, consented panels for people-based audience measurement solutions.

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Opportunities to source data directly from connected devices are expanding, but it’s not the devices watching content or ads. It’s people. Our panels deliver deep and actionable insight into the totality of viewing… and are mapping the future of the media ecosystem and are the focal point for our technology development.

Get true people-based measurement – trusted, privacy-compliant, and used by the industry to make the most informed decisions about real-world behaviour.

Key features

People-based measurement

Get deep and actionable insight into the totality of viewing.

Privacy compliant

Calibrate and unify data sets from different platforms to establish reach and frequency and target demographics.


We manage and process viewing data from over 48,000 panel homes across the world, providing vital media data each day.

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Our panels are the essential foundation for enhancing and enriching measurement currencies, the primary source of calibration and the starting point for integration with rich data sets like streaming, connected TV and operator data.

Together, they create hybrid data sets for planning, trading and evaluation.

People-centric measurement panels are an essential resource to contextualize and enhance a client’s own first-party data sets. They deliver a vital and trusted source of demographics to bring in-house data to life, provide de-duplicated reach across platforms and devices and enrich targeting and programmatic systems.

The privacy and security of panelist data is mission critical. We ensure panel information is stored to levels that meet privacy and data protection laws in each market.

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