Audience Measurement Technology

Learn who is watching and the origin of the content or advertising, with data from over 120,000 connected devices daily.

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Our technology captures viewing across all screens by integrating people meters (measuring TV sets) and Router Meters (tracking home network traffic). With over 70,000 people meters and 23,000 router meters in markets worldwide, Kantar can provide a complete picture of media consumption.

Key features

Integrated technology

Capture viewing across all screens from TV sets and routers, with second-by-second granularity.

World-leading content detection

Our proprietary technologies are used by other measurement companies and endorsed by trade bodies like SMPTE.

Secure cloud solutions for processing and storage

Our Atria cloud provides a data-centric system architecture ensuring flexibility, resilience, and data security.

More information

Our latest People Meter 7 marks a step-change in TV set metering, with a personalized user interface to increase engagement and enhance panel management. It has recently been chosen by BARB in the UK and NMO in the Netherlands after extensive competitive testing, demonstrating its value to the gold standard of audience trading currencies.

Our People Meter technology has been deployed in more markets than any other provider. Each day we process data from 70,000 people meters across 40,000 homes around the world.

Our router meter tracks and measures all tagged viewing activity across the home network and can also monitor audio, display, and wider internet activity, offering cross-media capabilities. Once tagged, viewing on personal devices (e.g. smartphones and tablets) is tracked and measured both in and out of home.

Our Focal Meter is the most widely used router meter globally, with deployments and live services in 12 countries already measuring 88,000 screens.

Kantar provides the most advanced channel detection engineering technologies.

Our I33 audio matching and SNAP and INK watermarking systems capture all viewing across the screens with high granularity. Around the world 5600+ channels are being audio-matched and 2200+ watermarked, with over 1000 new VOD assets added each day.

Video tags allow us to understand video users’ exposure and duration. We have a tag-agnostic approach to tracking all forms of online content and advertising. Our systems are compatible with all tags across all major platforms and providers.

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