Cross-media Campaign Measurement

Measure cross-media campaign reach and frequency with granular audience insight.
Consumer Profiling

Form a single view

Measure TV and online advertising campaigns and their audiences across media channels in real time.  

Track campaigns in real time

Optimise in-flight campaign performance to drive greater reach and frequency and inform future strategy. 

Get granular insight

Uncover data-driven insights to identify growth opportunities across channels and audiences. 

Be future ready

Solutions developed with a flexible and open methodology allow for the integration of additional data sources.

As advertising becomes increasingly targeted, we provide a single view of campaign performance, generating deduplicated and highly accurate measurements of advertising exposure.

Our solutions draw data from audience panels, open web exposures, and directly from global online platform partners.

Featured solutions
High-quality, consented panels for people-based audience measurement solutions.
Optimise your media mix across channels to deliver impactful campaigns and improve return on investment.
Media Trends & Predictions 2022
Media Trends and Predictions 2022
Get a clear view on some of the biggest trends in the media world, to help guide you through a period of recovery and innovation.
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