Inflationary pressures have forced brands and retailers to rethink everything from product portfolios to store layouts. Still, amidst the headlines of price increases, there is a risk that lower-priced products are given too much emphasis.

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Inflation brings counter-intuitive changes to shopping behaviours
Our latest research shows sustainable growth will not come from focusing on price alone for most brands. Instead, a more nuanced approach will be essential to maintaining brand positioning and market share.
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We have established three population groups across the British shopping landscape who self-identify as either “struggling”, “managing” or “comfortable”. These cohorts enable a better understanding of how people feel about their personal financial circumstances and provide an early indicator of intentions and actions.

We can answer:

  1. Are you clear on the true scale of the response in your category?
  2. Are you striking the right balance between value strategy and growth strategy?
  3. Do you know how your shoppers are feeling?
  4. Are you offering value in every way shoppers might want to see it?

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