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While many suppliers claim they deliver "quality data", we prove it with our industry-leading formula.

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Our Quality Formula
kantar profiles, largest panel reach

170m+ people

Quality data requires reaching a representative group of your customers and the people who matter most to your brand. We have the biggest and best source of real people who are who they say they are. 

170m+ people | 100+ markets | 7m+ owned panellists | ~45m people registered for data connectivity and ad exposure measurement 
kantar profiles, happiest most productive panellists

23% higher survey completion rates

Quality data requires engaged panellists who provide truthful answers. Our survey completion rates are 23% higher than the industry average, and our NPS scores are 70 points higher than the overall panel industry. Why?

Data science teams | Machine learning capabilities | Survey design expertise | Award-winning survey programming tools  
kantar profiles, industry leading fraud prevention

Preventing 4x more fraud

Quality data requires real people who are who they say they are. We prevent 4x more fraud than anyone else with our 10+ proprietary tools and techniques.

Our proprietary anti-fraud algorithm uses a multitude of checks and machine learning to score people on:

Location | Diligence | Duplication | Demographics 
kantar profiles, best in class quality data

Trusted by more than 2,000 brands

With solutions powered by advanced technology, data science and award-winning expertise - you can trust the reliability and stability of your data. We deliver quality data in a way that works for you.

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