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Accelerated Answers is Kantar Profiles’ D-I-T (do it together) agile survey solution for custom research.  A platform where you collect quality panel for reliable insights, quickly.

Based on your needs, choose to:

  • Do it together with our experts
  • Do it yourself with self-service tools

Start collecting data in a way that works for you.

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Kantar Profiles’ agile survey solution provides you with...


Create custom survey templates to streamline your research processes. Launch projects and see results faster by automating project set up.



Build new surveys from scratch or from your collection of templates when it’s convenient for you. Send us your questions and we’ll do it for you if you’re short on time.



Build your own bespoke research solutions that are uniquely designed to meet your brand objectives or for your customers’ experience.



Launch projects and view trends and insights with ease. Access your unique library of solutions, projects, audience targets and dashboards quickly through your personal portal.

Explore our survey solutions
templated surveys, agile research

Templated Surveys

If your custom research would benefit from the efficiencies of automation, let us build templates for you. Launch your testing or brand research templates quickly as is, or include custom add-ons. Templates streamline survey programming, translations and analysis.
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diy surveys, self serve surveys

DIY Surveys

For ad hoc projects or quick-polling, benefit from the ability to create surveys within your portal. Choose from a variety of question types and select your audience from your custom, pre-set targets or nationally representative populations – field in 70 global markets.
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quick managed surveys

Quick Managed Surveys

When you don't have the time or resources for self-serve, let our local experts manage quick-turn work for you. Simply select from our pre-set delivery packages and send us your questions. Our team will deliver your results as quickly as 6 hours.
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AA dynamic reporting web square

Dynamic Reporting

With Dynamic Reporting, you can quickly build interactive custom reports with ease; transform survey results into data-driven stories that support your critical business decisions. Our AI capabilities analyse results and generate suggested visuals for the entire data set.
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Client results
MediaCom case study templated surveys
Learn how Accelerated Answers and Templated Surveys allow MediaCom to customise, optimise and localise their research and make decisions faster for their clients.
Learn how Spotted Risk leverages survey templates as a plug-and-play solution to streamline the data collection of audience reaction to real-time media.
Delivery Hero case study
Learn how a global online food ordering and delivery leader used templated survey solutions to accelerate their data collection and visualisation.