How British gaming trends compare globally

British gaming habits stand out in a variety of ways, as our infographic shows.
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James Powell

Senior Marketing Manager, Media Division, UK & Ireland

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To say gaming today is big business is to do it a disservice. In Britain, the US, and a number of other markets around the world, it is worth more than the film and music industries combined.

COVID-led lockdowns over the past 18 months only boosted the gaming sector further as consumers found themselves quarantined at home for long periods.

It is little wonder, then, that marketers around the world are keen to tap into this highly lucrative market. But to do so successfully it is important to not only understand trends within a specific country but to be able to contextualise these against global trends.

Using insights from our latest TGI Global Quick View consumer data, which explores connected consumers’ habits, characteristics, attitudes and media consumption consistently across 35 countries worldwide, we have built an infographic to shine a spotlight on some of the biggest trends in gaming today globally and where Britain fits within the mix.

Amongst the findings we reveal:

  • How Asian and Middle Eastern markets lead the way in engagement with gaming – and where Britain fits in the global hierarchy
  • How Britain tops the list for use of gaming consoles – and which products console users are most likely to buy online
  • The game genres that British consumers enjoy playing most (such as puzzle and strategy games) and the media mix that can best engage such gamers
  • That those willing to spend more on extra game content are particularly likely to make big-ticket purchases such as on cars and furniture.

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