Webinar: Beyond price, Inflation playbook for category managers

Our shopper and category experts will share detailed insights and practical application for category managers wanting to get ahead of current inflation-related challenges
03 August 2022
inflation webinar


Julie Craig, VP Shopper Insights
Renata de Moura, Senior Director, Shopper & Category Insights
Geoff Wissman, VP Customer Success for Category Technology

Beyond price: in this discussion we will examine how shoppers are changing their saving and spending to offset higher prices and how category managers can incorporate this information into their tactical plans.  We will also look at how this relates to private label, who is shopping private label and why.  
Watch this webinar if you are interested in:

  • Learning more about the pressures and concerns impacting specific shopper groups during inflation;
  • How inflationary related pressures and concerns are impacting shopping strategies both at a macro level and at the shelf;
  • How category managers can monitor, assess and measure the impacts of price on their brands and with their retail customers;  
  • The evolving role of private label and how category managers can incorporate private label trends and insights into their assortment strategy

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