Retail Predictions 2020+

Is this the age of post-retail retail?
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Bryan Gildenberg

Chief Knowledge Officer, Retail

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What will characterise modern retail in its seventh decade? The 2020s will be a turbulent period where retailers become more than retailers and successful organisations shift their focus to inputs over outcomes. Drawing from our US, European, and Global outlooks, Bryan Gildenberg unveils the growth dynamics of the post-retail world through the lens of the four key drivers of change that will define the retail climate of the 2020s.

Dive into our regional outlooks during the U.S. and European Outlook Webinars. Led by Kantar experts, each webinar speaks to the overarching regional retail trends and offers actionable steps to unlock your growth.

2020+ U.S. Retail Outlook Webinar:

Speaker: Timothy Campbell, Director, Kantar

Major U.S. retailers are striving to adapt to a landscape that has become ever more demanding. This highly focused session will outline seven industry shaping trends and offer actionable implications for you to take back to your organization.

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2020+ European Retail Outlook Webinar:

Speakers: Malcolm Pinkerton, Vice President eCommerce and Digital Insights, Kantar; Derya Guvenc, Principal Grocery Analyst (EMEA), Kantar

Kantar’s retail experts have picked seven topics that will be on everyone’s agenda in 2020. We’ve filtered the noise for you, identifying the big bets and providing strategic guidance for the disruption ahead.

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Complement the read with Bryan’s Retail Sound Bites Podcast to dive deeper into the key trends and predictions outlined in the report.

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