Future Proof: Why should creatives embrace AI?

Chris Duffey and Anthony Reeves speak to us live at Cannes Lions about their views on artificial intelligence.
20 June 2019
Jane Ostler and Chris Duffey

EVP Global Thought Leadership, Kantar

Today at Cannes Lions, Jane Ostler spoke to Chris Duffey, Head of AI Innovation and Strategy at Adobe and Anthony Reeves, Chief Creative Officer, Wunderman and WPP ACE, who has also been ECD at Amazon. They discussed the real applications of AI – the truth beyond the hype – and the way it might change the role of creatives and the structure of the agency. The lively debate covers the importance of emotional integrity, the feedback loop, personalization plus reach, and the future for artificial intelligence.

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Recorded live at, and in partnership with, Cannes Lions Festival.