Future Proof: Why are we still talking about brand purpose? with P&G

At Cannes Lions, P&G’s Hesham Tohamy talks about how purpose is brought to life in the feminine care business.
17 June 2019
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EVP Global Thought Leadership, Kantar

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Welcome to Future Proofing Creativity, recorded live at Cannes Lions in June 2019.

This episode features Hesham Tohamy, head of P&G’s North America Feminine Care business, and Global Leader for the Always brand.

At Kantar, we know brands with purpose have a higher brand value. But what does purpose mean, and has that meaning changed in the last few years? Why does a brand need to have a purpose, and how does it manifest in the business? What does this look like for Always and P&G in general?

Hesham tells Kantar's Jane Ostler about various initiatives that are improving the lives of girls and women across the world, including destigmatising menstruation, the #likeagirl campaign and the fight to #endperiodpoverty.

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Recorded live at, and in partnership with, Cannes Lions Festival.

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