Future Proof: What’s changing media agencies in 2020?

We speak to Mindshare’s Marco Rimini about his predictions and suggestions for the future of media and the role agencies will play.
03 February 2020
media agency

EVP Global Thought Leadership, Kantar

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Recently returned from CES in Vegas, Marco Rimini (Chief Development Officer at Mindshare) feels he has glimpsed the future – as well as a few things that probably won’t come to be. So what’s likely to change in the media world, and particularly the media agency, in the next year… or even decade? Marco tells Jane and Andrew about the rise of shoppable content and how it affects the traditional media plan, the inspiration we can get from China, the role of data and analytics in media planning, and the changing nature of agency-client relationships. He touches on some big ethical debates: where is the legislative framework for the use of AI? Will customers mind a more ‘predictive’ marketing approach? And what can media agencies do about climate change?

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