Future Proof: How does Dove retain a place in the cultural conversation?

Live from Cannes Lions: Sophie Galvani, Global Brand VP for Dove, tells us what they are doing to connect with customers.
19 June 2019
Sophie Galvani at Cannes

EVP Global Thought Leadership, Kantar

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BrandZ data shows the biggest brands in the world are now technology brands. Where does that leave brands who make physical products and companies like Unilever? Live from Cannes Lions, Kantar’s Jane Ostler speaks to Sophie Galvani, Global Brand Vice President for Dove Masterbrand, Unilever, about the way Dove and Unilever connects with consumers, raises confidence and self-esteem in young women, partners with third parties and platforms, uses technology in interesting ways and creates real, innovative brand experiences in retail environments. How do they find a place in a tech-dominated society? Listen now.

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Recorded live at, and in partnership with, Cannes Lions Festival.

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