Future Proof: How do you produce news in a digital world?

Inga Thordar from CNN discusses the changing news landscape, and how to stand out amongst the online noise.
05 November 2019
digital news

EVP Global Thought Leadership, Kantar

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What’s involved in producing news? And what’s new about news in a more digital-focussed world? Inga Thordar, Executive Editor of International, CNN Digital Worldwide, tells Jane Ostler and Felipe Thomaz what an ‘average’ day looks like, how to find the right news stories for the right audiences, and how you can make news go viral… while still remaining trusted, non-partisan and distinctive.

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Editors notes

Future Proof: The marketing podcast from Saïd Business School, Oxford University, and Kantar, the marketing insights and consulting company.

In each episode, we’ll have a frank discussion with industry experts, to help brands and business leaders navigate the changing landscape of marketing… and hopefully dispel some myths and misconceptions along the way.

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