Future Proof: How does Google balance creativity and technology?

We speak to Tara Walpert Levy live on the Google Beach at Cannes Lions…
01 July 2019
Tara Walpert Levy at Cannes

EVP Global Thought Leadership, Kantar

With more data at our disposal than ever, new tools, new tech, machine learning… are machines about to replace creatives? Tara Walpert Levy (VP, Agency and Brand Solutions at Google) says no, but brings to life several examples of where technology and insights – specifically from Google – are empowering creatives and creative work. On the stage at Google Beach as part of Cannes Lions, she discusses Google’s role in the creative ecosystem, innovations in advertising and targeting, and some of the ways the company is looking at optimisation and effectiveness, and also explains how platforms may be able to support diversity and inclusion efforts.

Hosted by Andrew Stephen, L'Oreal Professor of Marketing at Saïd Business School (Oxford University) and Jane Ostler, Global Head of Media, Insights Division at Kantar.

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