Future Proof: What makes JD.com a winning brand?

With JD.com placing 52nd in our Global BrandZ ranking, its VP of Corporate Brand Major Zhu tells us some of the secrets to the company’s success.
28 September 2020
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J Walker Smith
Walker Smith

Knowledge Lead, North America

Making gains of 24% in its brand value (2020 BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands), JD.com is well placed to offer advice on building and maintaining a successful brand – even during a global pandemic. The company’s VP of Corporate Brand, Major Zhu, tells us how the company has pivoted, the crucial competitive advantage of deep customer knowledge, and the role of brand at JD.com. He looks at some of the ways technology was able to help them better serve customers during the COVID-19 outbreak, and discusses their global expansion – with some advice for ‘foreign’ companies looking to enter the Chinese market.

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