Future Proof: What is the best way to grow a business?

What do over-performing companies do differently? What are the building blocks for growth? Marc de Swaan Arons tells us.
12 May 2019
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Tara Prabhakar

Global Director of Qualitative, Insights Division

The Initiative for Real Growth has analysed a huge range of research, including hundreds of C-suite interviews, to uncover the factors that drive sustainable, top-line business growth.

In this episode of Future Proof, co-founder of the Institute for Real Growth Marc de Swaan Arons (Kantar) talks us through the findings, and explains what distinguishes an over-performer from an under-performer. He talks about whole-brained marketing, the importance of open cultures and anticipative organisations, how to better define your market and business model(s)… and why humanised growth works best.

Hosted by Andrew Stephen, L’Oreal Professor of Marketing at Saïd Business School (Oxford University) and Tara Prabhakar from Kantar.

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