Future Proof: How do consumer conversations affect your brand?

We talk to Pepsi and Engagement Labs about the importance of word of mouth, and how it can impact sales and brand value.
13 April 2020
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J Walker Smith
Walker Smith

Knowledge Lead, North America

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How do you measure the conversation around your brand, and what can you do with that information? Walker Smith talks to Ed Keller, CEO of Engagement Labs and Kevin Moeller, Head of Media Insights & Analytics, PepsiCo North America, about the role of word-of-mouth marketing, the importance of measuring both online and offline conversation (and how you can do that) and the applications of these insights. How do you separate the signals from the noise? How can positive (and negative) conversation about your brand or product feed into your strategy? And can you put a dollar value on word of mouth, and show its impact on ROI?

Please note: This episode was recorded prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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