What people really get up to in self-isolation

We used Enhanced Visual Analytics to take a look at trends from social media, and get a better view of how people are responding to COVID-19.
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Izzy Pugh

Partner, Global Lead, Human & Cultural Practice, Consulting Division

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As people in Western markets adjust to life on lockdown their lifestyles, needs and behaviours are radically transforming. Brands need to understand this new reality in order to be able to support consumers and to adapt their services, comms and routes to market.

We used EVA – Enhanced Visual Analytics – to analyse 8000+ posts shared by consumers about their experiences of self-isolation so far.

We identified six key themes from the images shared by people. These represent some of the emerging needs consumers have, and the new approaches people are taking.

1. No, seriously (40%):

Memes and selfies are normally frivolous and funny but it seems that in times of crisis they morph into something different.

2. Longing for nature (17%):

As people stay inside it seems they are increasingly dreaming of outside... something to look forward to.  

3. Laptop living (13%):

People are resourceful, and we see people quickly adapting, by switching their social and work lives into a digital format.

4. Sofa and snuggles (13%):

Getting cosy and feeling safe with our pets and the people that we are close to feels more important now than ever.

5. Creativity and craft (9%):

As the days grow longer, with little to do and nowhere to go, people turn to their own creativity to keep entertained.

6. The new essentials (6%):

People love to share images of the things that are important to them. There are a whole host of ‘new essentials’ for self-isolation, which people are sharing content around.

A rich understanding of human experiences and needs has never been as crucial to brands as it is today. To learn more about these themes, and the 6 key takeaways for brands, download our report by filling in your details below.

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