The power of TikTok

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The power of TikTok
Andrew Nelson

Client Director, Media Division

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Video-sharing social network giant TikTok can count itself firmly amongst the top rank of apps for popularity, having seen phenomenal growth in the four years since its inception.

Its commercial importance and utility for those seeking to engage consumers is obvious, but the big question for brands is how to harness TikTok’s unique potential in the most impactful way.

We were commissioned by TikTok to assess the impact of its User Generated Content (UGC), as well as giving guidance on creating breakthrough, brand-building UGC marketing at scale.

We undertook a rigorous, multi-pronged approach encompassing expert views, engagement with Branded Hashtag Challenges and understanding the behaviour of TikTok users more broadly.

Click below for TikTok’s interactive report which highlights our key findings and demonstrates how you can optimise your use of TikTok to best engage the consumers you need to reach.

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